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Mixed-Use Institutional (MX-I) Zoning District adopted by
Tulsa City Council

On August 21, 2014 the Tulsa City Council adopted the Mixed-Use Institutional (MX-I) Zoning District as part of the City of Tulsa Zoning Code, with an effective date of October 4, 2014. 

 Key points of the MX-I district include:
• Applied as a base zoning district
• Supports institutional uses (educational and medical) and fosters development of complementary uses in the vicinity of these campuses
• Provides a transition between large campus/institutional uses and established residential neighborhoods and historic preservation districts
• Allows flexibility within defined campus environments and surrounding areas
• Encourages compatibility between land uses and transportation options within the district
• Provides standards for signage to accommodate pedestrian scale developments as well as large structures often found in a campus setting
• Encourages a walkable environment through standards addressing transparency of store-fronts, build-to zones, landscaping, screening that create an animated, cohesive pedestrian realm

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